Dennings Party

I was at a very nice party the other weekend, the host had generously paid for all the food and drinks before hand so top marks to him. I was dragged on to the dance floor by a good friend to the tune of 'Night Fever'. Once the song finished I started to edge my way off the dance floor without anyone noticing. Fat chance that was, especially as I am so good looking and there were loads of women there the only person I was deluding was myself. Anyway, one of them grabbed me very firmly (which I can understand) and we proceeded to dance, arms around each other. She then told me that her husband was somewhere in the building but that I should not worry as he was probably getting off with someone anyway.

At this point I was not sure if she was suggesting we go and start an orgy or that I should be careful where I put my hands. Seeing as my hands were on her arse anyway I relocated them to her lower back and took a step back with the excuse that it was neccessary to be at such a stance in order to do salsa with any credible certainty. This was a lie, and not only that but the DJ was playing 'Stars on 45.' Anyway I started to twirl her around in a salsa fashion, which she obviously liked as she was saying things like




and it was at that point she whispered in my ear 'this is just like being on Strictly Come Dancing.' Now I thought I was being very clever about this by replying 'Actually, it is more like being on Scrapheap Challenge.'

Coincidently, the point at which I realised this was an inappropriate thing to say was exactly the same moment when her left hand connected sharply with my face , followed by her walking off, presumably to find her husband's new girlfriend.

I do hope to see her again some time though...