Lifting Wind

This morning I made the classic error of breaking wind in a lift. By itself this is not a mistake or indeed even an act of criminality, except maybe if Her Majesty the Queen is in their too. (God Bless Her)

It was only after the lift started descending that I reaslised the lift was likely to stop at any floor between where I was and where I was going. In which case someone would get in.

As the life descended I heard voices getting louder and louder and my fear of it stopping and people getting in with me was starting to bring a sweat to my brow. The lift stopped.

The doors opened.

before me stood three people all jabbering away.

one of them walked towards the lift and as he got to the door his friend called something out to him. The man looked at me and gave me a gesture of 'It's OK just carry on down without us.'

Which I did, alone.